Friday, September 25


It has been almost a MONTH when I made my fist post! yay:]
I decided to put together a set and make some recolors. I was able to fix my problems what I had with SimPE and now here it is (although this set is small I hope you like it:]):

(click on the pictures to see them bigger)

This set Includes a chair recolors, cube cabinet recolors and Bon Voyage painting recolours. You'll need BV expansion pack for the paintings. Meshes aren't included, but you can get the chair mesh HERE and cube drawer mesh HERE. And those white painting frames are not included.

(btw I included one extra green chair recolor which is not pictured here)

If you want to choose what to download and what not then go here .

Monday, September 7

My apologies for not updating.

To tell the truth I have planned to recolour some things, even tried twice, but I have some problems with my SimPE and I'm trying to figure it out what's wrong. School takes my time too, I have to take 36/37 classes on weekdays(I wish that my classes would be divided almost equally) and I take extra art classes twice in a week plus I have compulsory literature (so I spend at least 1 hour reading a book every day). Oh and my homework too.. it's killing me! (my parents expect from me too much-.-)

Well.. too many excuses too little time..