Friday, September 30


Are you ready for all these cold and rainy days? I am, although for the past few days it has been warmer than usual. Since I don't like fall, I've found a way how to make it more pleasant for myself..
I actually have a new small set for you to keep your simmies warm and healthy.

You'll get Mira teapot and cacao cups recolours, Wfs2 chair recolour and NMS pillow recolour. All the meshes are included.

Friday, April 29


I'm back to some girly stuff, even though I know that I won't probably use them by myself.. I hope that this set will satisfy your needs for a long time, because you won't get anything new from me til the end of June.

Meshes by Billyjean, Nemestnaya, Simnuts and Mysticrain are included, but I didn't include meshes from MTJeanie, because I've renamed all the files. If you don't have them yet, you can get them here. Things you won't get with this set: desk, curtain, rug, bird in a cage and a vase of flowers on a shelf.

Sunday, April 3


Within last month I've been up to organizing my downloads folder and renaming all these ridiculous file names with numbers, random letters and asian hieroglyphs(?) etc.

I'm a bit pissed off because of that. I waste so much time doing that, but I need to do it. How can any creator be so lazy, it's not hard to rename your creations. Some of the stuff doesn't even have a creator's name.

And YES, you'll get something soon from me..

Saturday, February 26


You won't get the house yet, because I have some problems with it.. But for now, I thought that it'd be a good idea to share my newest sim, Olivia. I hope you like her. :]

(Images are clickable for bigger preview)


Friday, February 11

I have a little problem

Lately I've wanted to create something so bad, but I can't find any textures or patterns which I'd like to use. I have a ton of pictures, but I don't know what to do with all of them. I'd like to recolor something, but I never find a good mesh and I don't even know where to look at anymore, because half of the time I can't remember what I've got somewhere.. I feel like I've drift off from sims even though I play the game itself and I don't even visit any big sims communities, because I feel lost.

blah blah blah.. I hope I'll get over this soon.

Saturday, January 29

I completely forgot..

I took part in BPS Secret Santa and made this awesome set for Spiegelsplitter.

You can get this set here.

(Also I have some good news to all of you who want my houses, I might upload one. Lately I've been trying to build playable houses using quite a lot decorations.. even though I can't play the game itself because I just don't have time)