Friday, January 1

New year.

At first I want to thank you all for being awesome and downloading my stuff. To tell the truth I didn't expect to have so many downloads on my things when I decided to make a blog. I really appreciate it. And to see you using my recolors makes me happy and I thought that it would be awesome if you send me pictures where you have used my recolours.

Secondly I want to wish to you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

+ For my next project I decided to make a series of color. The first color of series is white. I made this set using lovely meshes by Cassandre, Jope, Aikea Guinea, Sugizo, lirunchik, mangosims and billyjean.

Meshes by Cassandre, Jope and Aikea Guinea are included, to get meshes which aren't included click on their names- Sugizo, Billyjean, lirunchik and Mangosims 1(Hera), 2(Orane)