Friday, April 29


I'm back to some girly stuff, even though I know that I won't probably use them by myself.. I hope that this set will satisfy your needs for a long time, because you won't get anything new from me til the end of June.

Meshes by Billyjean, Nemestnaya, Simnuts and Mysticrain are included, but I didn't include meshes from MTJeanie, because I've renamed all the files. If you don't have them yet, you can get them here. Things you won't get with this set: desk, curtain, rug, bird in a cage and a vase of flowers on a shelf.

Sunday, April 3


Within last month I've been up to organizing my downloads folder and renaming all these ridiculous file names with numbers, random letters and asian hieroglyphs(?) etc.

I'm a bit pissed off because of that. I waste so much time doing that, but I need to do it. How can any creator be so lazy, it's not hard to rename your creations. Some of the stuff doesn't even have a creator's name.

And YES, you'll get something soon from me..