Monday, July 9


I have some bad news. I won't create anything anymore. I couldn't keep up this blog on level that I wanted to, but it's time to leave.

If I happen to have some time I'll take pictures and upload every single recolour that I created and haven't had time to share. You might even get some simmies etc. Just to make you guys happy.

The only sad thing is I couldn't never connect really with any of the sims community. I didn't really make any friends. I never even was that popular with my creations, because I didn't ever make anything special.

Also I have to rant, many of you probably will hate me forever because of that, but why on earth some of the creators have to make like 50 different recolours from one mesh, unless these were paintings or rugs. Lets think about it, for example you have 6 meshes you want to recolour, you make 25(!) recolours, that aren't that good of each of these meshes. In total it's 150 recolours. Whenever I saw something like that right away a voice in my head told me "I'm never going to download these".

And then people who make wallpapers that won't line up. I had a lot of these wallpapers in my game with beautiful patterns, but I was too lazy to ever fix them. Although I'm guilty too on that part. The first wallpaper set I ever released. There was one flower pattern that didn't line up either. And I found it out this year (2012). My god, how embarrassing.

But for now. Bye.