Thursday, October 29

It's a beautiful day..

Finally I got time to make something new!(YAY) A girly bedroom set. I saw that rocking chair and I fell in love with it although in my opinion it doesn't match with rest of the room, but then again it does, weird..




And one detailed picture which shows (almost) every recolour what is included.(bedframe, pillows, rocking chair, flower ottoman, 2 BV paintings)

(click on the picture to see it bigger)
All the meshes are included. And those lovely meshes are by Mira, Aikea Guinea and Wfs2. Oh I almost forgot that wall stencil comes in 6 different colors and rocking chair has one extra pillow recolour(beige).

Hope you enjoy!:]

Sunday, October 11

1x1 lot

Yesterday I built a house and thought why not to show my pictures here. Although I don't have any pictures of exterior or bathroom, but I hope you'll enjoy:]

(click on the pictures to see them bigger)