Saturday, November 6

More wallpapers

Even though I don't really have anything to say.. I have to say that I'm not sure, in which direction I should go, because my taste has changed a bit and I like different things. Would it be a good idea to post random things, whatever I've made?

Thursday, October 28


I made this house 2 months ago, but I wasn't able to finish it. Since I had some time today I decided to finish it. Although I'm not really satisfied with the result, but meh.. ;D

Saturday, October 23

19 paintings

19 square paintings for you, which I made in September, didn't have time at all.. but for now enjoy:]

(click on the picture to see it bigger)

If you don't have these wonderful meshes by lmh, then get them here

Sunday, October 10


I'm back, YAY! I've prepared a lot of things for you & I have new layout which still needs some work here & there..

But for now I have a new set for you!:]
Cozy corner for cold and dark autumn days

(click on the picture to see it bigger)

You get everything what you see except two plants and a book. Meshes by Jope, Anye and lmh are included.

Wednesday, July 21

Sad news

I lost everything what I had on my computer..All the items I wanted to share with you, now they're gone. I had so much special stuff in my downloads folder which isn't available anymore.. and I don't have willpower to start building my downloads folder again..

so this is my goodbye note.

I won't close the site, but idk.. building up my download folder took me months, because everything was sorted and renamed and etc..

Even though I got a new computer I don't feel that I'd like to play ts2 anymore.

Wednesday, May 5



I think that these wallpapers are perfect for kitchens, although you can use them wherever you want. 4 patterns, 2 of them are in different sizes, that makes 6 files in total. I hope you enjoy.

Sunday, March 28


By the way if you are interested, I made a set which is available at Cherryblossomsims forum..

and it looks like this:


get it HERE

Sunday, March 7


I have to tell you that I'm going to take a break from sims, but I'll be back in Summer! And to tell the truth atm I hate going to school because basically I don't have any free time.. I even had to quit my hobbies thanks to school. Yuck. I'm so tired all the time and always ill even if I get well week passes by and I'm ill again NICE! no not really, even if I'm ill I still have to attend classes..and blahblah..

It kinda came out like a rant or wse..
See ya!

Friday, January 1

New year.

At first I want to thank you all for being awesome and downloading my stuff. To tell the truth I didn't expect to have so many downloads on my things when I decided to make a blog. I really appreciate it. And to see you using my recolors makes me happy and I thought that it would be awesome if you send me pictures where you have used my recolours.

Secondly I want to wish to you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!

+ For my next project I decided to make a series of color. The first color of series is white. I made this set using lovely meshes by Cassandre, Jope, Aikea Guinea, Sugizo, lirunchik, mangosims and billyjean.

Meshes by Cassandre, Jope and Aikea Guinea are included, to get meshes which aren't included click on their names- Sugizo, Billyjean, lirunchik and Mangosims 1(Hera), 2(Orane)