Wednesday, January 25

Mix & match

(Click on the last two pictures to see bigger previews)

I made some awesome recolours for myself and I thought I should already share something with you (I have a folder with about few hundred recolours which I haven't shared with you yet, because I'm too lazy;D). I made 21 horizontal and 22 vertical painting recolours. What is so cool about these meshes is that they are slaved. Which means it gives you endless options to mix and match these paintings. The only sad thing is that you'll need IKEA stuff pack. I didn't include the meshes on purpose, because I want you to go here and check this awesome set by yourself.

Thursday, January 12

So here's the thing..

At first I wish you all a happy & more successful new year (Yes, I know it a bit late, but still). I don't really like to talk about my life.. Atm I'm halfway done with my first year in university, studying materials engineering (worst choice ever & now I also regret that I chickened out and didn't try to go to study some kind of art, but that's a competely different story). That's why I've been so busy. Oh btw that girl in the "About me" section is me, so this is how I look like if you ever have been wondering.

In october I built a beautiful house and played sims since I wanted to make a picture story.. so there's what happened. My printscreen program let me down and more than 200 pictures got lost. You have no idea how mad I was, since I really did put a lot of effort taking beautiful pictures for my story. Since then I didn't even touch my sims until few days before christmas, when I tried to build a playable house. But I wasn't able to finish it, because I'm too picky & I need to make some recolours and wallpapers, but so far I'll just share some of the pictures I wanted to share before christmas but meh..

(Completely random picture shot for my picture story.. I've no idea how it was saved from the catastrophe.)