Tuesday, December 29


I've got quite a lot requests to upload any of my simmies, although I don't know why, because they aren't special or anything.. they are just okay(to be honest, they all look almost the same..lol). So I decided to upload Èmilie.


Tuesday, December 15

A little piece of me..

Atm I'm ill and I hope that finally I have some time to take some pics from my new set which I made ages ago(HINT: christmas related). But actually I wanted to share one of my drawings although I made it 2 months ago. I don't take extra art classes or go to art school I'm self taught. All the techniques I use I've learned by myself. Art is kind of my passion and other way to express myself(but it doesn't show up in this picture, because it's different than what I usuallly do). It's a realistic drawing and I should practice more realistic stuff because I'm struggling with drawing noses for example. But here it is. I used pencils from 3H-7B.

Scarlett Johanson