Tuesday, December 29


I've got quite a lot requests to upload any of my simmies, although I don't know why, because they aren't special or anything.. they are just okay(to be honest, they all look almost the same..lol). So I decided to upload Èmilie.


Tuesday, December 15

A little piece of me..

Atm I'm ill and I hope that finally I have some time to take some pics from my new set which I made ages ago(HINT: christmas related). But actually I wanted to share one of my drawings although I made it 2 months ago. I don't take extra art classes or go to art school I'm self taught. All the techniques I use I've learned by myself. Art is kind of my passion and other way to express myself(but it doesn't show up in this picture, because it's different than what I usuallly do). It's a realistic drawing and I should practice more realistic stuff because I'm struggling with drawing noses for example. But here it is. I used pencils from 3H-7B.

Scarlett Johanson

Saturday, November 21

Scandinavian living

Making this set I was inspired by those little scandinavian horses. It includes 9 recolours: armchair, sofa, coathanger, paintings, and 4 recolours of scandinavian horses. All meshes are included by pocci, sip, jope, ats and sims2play(?).



And one detailed paintings picture.

(click on the picture to see it bigger)

Hope you enjoy!:]

Thursday, October 29

It's a beautiful day..

Finally I got time to make something new!(YAY) A girly bedroom set. I saw that rocking chair and I fell in love with it although in my opinion it doesn't match with rest of the room, but then again it does, weird..




And one detailed picture which shows (almost) every recolour what is included.(bedframe, pillows, rocking chair, flower ottoman, 2 BV paintings)

(click on the picture to see it bigger)
All the meshes are included. And those lovely meshes are by Mira, Aikea Guinea and Wfs2. Oh I almost forgot that wall stencil comes in 6 different colors and rocking chair has one extra pillow recolour(beige).

Hope you enjoy!:]

Sunday, October 11

1x1 lot

Yesterday I built a house and thought why not to show my pictures here. Although I don't have any pictures of exterior or bathroom, but I hope you'll enjoy:]

(click on the pictures to see them bigger)

Friday, September 25


It has been almost a MONTH when I made my fist post! yay:]
I decided to put together a set and make some recolors. I was able to fix my problems what I had with SimPE and now here it is (although this set is small I hope you like it:]):

(click on the pictures to see them bigger)

This set Includes a chair recolors, cube cabinet recolors and Bon Voyage painting recolours. You'll need BV expansion pack for the paintings. Meshes aren't included, but you can get the chair mesh HERE and cube drawer mesh HERE. And those white painting frames are not included.

(btw I included one extra green chair recolor which is not pictured here)

If you want to choose what to download and what not then go here .

Monday, September 7

My apologies for not updating.

To tell the truth I have planned to recolour some things, even tried twice, but I have some problems with my SimPE and I'm trying to figure it out what's wrong. School takes my time too, I have to take 36/37 classes on weekdays(I wish that my classes would be divided almost equally) and I take extra art classes twice in a week plus I have compulsory literature (so I spend at least 1 hour reading a book every day). Oh and my homework too.. it's killing me! (my parents expect from me too much-.-)

Well.. too many excuses too little time..

Wednesday, August 26

Floral Wallpapers

Today I decided to make a set of floral wallpapers.

Enjoy! :]

(btw there's 9 files, I did some patterns in 2 or 3 sizes because I couldn't decide which one is better)